About the Pacific Flyway Center

The Site

The Suisun Marsh is central to the Pacific Flyway and the home of the Pacific Flyway Center.

One of four flyways in North America, the Pacific Flyway is an aerial superhighway traveled by a billion migratory birds every year. It stretches ten-thousand nautical miles from the Arctic to Patagonia. Central to the Pacific Flyway, the Suisun Marsh, northeast of San Francisco Bay, provides a vital stopover for migrating birds.

Adjacent to one of California's busiest freeways with more than 280,000 vehicles per day passing by, the Pacific Flyway Center, whose mission is to inspire conservation of the Flyway, sits at an ideal interface between human culture and a globally significant natural area.

In California, the Pacific Flyway is home to about 6,000,000 waterfowl. The state lost about 95% of its historic wetlands to development before the decline was haulted by farsighted statutes such as the North American Conservation Act. Today, more than half of winter habitat for waterfowl and shorebirds in California is provided by flooded rice fields and other managed wetlands, and the state has thousands of acres of inland and coastal wetlands like the Suisun Marsh.

The Building

The building offers educational exhibits, food/retail options, event spaces, and more.

A dramatic building with a form symbolic of wings of flight rises as an iconic beacon to motorists, and provides backdrop for visitors who get an introduction to wetlands and waterfowl as they approach. The buildings provide an acoustic and environmental buffer from freeway noise, and overlook the main attraction: an outdoor park where visitors come face-to-face with waterfowl and other wetland birds.

An eastern view wall is a composition of insulated transparent and transluscent glazing and solar shading to take in the vast panorama of the Suisun Marsh while mitigating heat gain and loss, avoiding bird mortality. The architecutre also gracefully incorporates a huge photovoltaic array to supply the building's power - an initiative close to the heart of conservation.

The Southern Wing with its own entry is flanked by the center's retail store and food service. This wing, smaller but no less dramatic, will have the flexibility to serve cafeteria-style daily family meals, yet can be configured to provide an elegant venue for private event bookings including evening events. These events, which are very popular, offer a more intimate after-hours experience for a smaller number of guests.

The Walk in the Marsh

Our main attraction is an outdoor park where visitors come face-to-face with waterfowl and other wetland birds.

The Pacific Flyway Center's main attraction will offer the opportunity for children and adults to experience the beauty of the Flyway's wildlife firsthand through pathways that allow visitors to walk along the Suisun Marsh. Visitors will be able to experience the Flyway while inspiring support for the conservation of the Flyway's wildlife, wetlands, and watersheds.


Exhibits in the Pacific Flyway Center can educate and inspire visitors with innovative and interactive media and technology, guided by experts.

The Pacific Flyway Center will offer many educational opportunities for visitors of any age through state-of-the-art exhibits, including an interactive Suisun Marsh tide model, exhibits of duck decoys, wildlife art from all states along the Flyway, tropical bird and butterfly aviaries, and a giant IMAX-style cinema to host educational programs and flight experience simulators.


The Pacific Flyway Center is committed to working alongside the leaders in conservation and biology.

In keeping with the center's focus on conservation of the Flyway, each visitor will be offered an introductory membership to a conservation organization such as the National Audubon Society, Ducks Unlimited, and the California Waterfowl Association.

In addition, the Pacific Flyway Center will partner with UC Davis, providing on-site spaces to support an in-house academic team for the students and scientists of the school's Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology department.

How can you help?

For an update on our progress, and information on how you can get involved, please visit the link below.

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