A Letter to Friends

Dear Friends:

Pacific Flyway Center
June 6, 2018

We are moving forward with Ken Hofmann's vision and legacy at the Pacific Flyway Center and are providing this update to inform you of our progress. With steadfast commitment and wholehearted generosity, Ken dedicated himself to his vision, which was to inspire the education and conservation of the Pacific Flyway wetlands and wildlife, especially here in his beloved Suisun Marsh. We believe the best way to honor Ken's legacy is to continue working together to see the project through to completion.

Ken made a significant commitment of funds and energy to acquire the property, to win a Fairfield citywide referendum, and to allow for the planning, design, and permitting of the Center over the past three years. We designed the Center to be constructed in phases as the funds become available. Phase I will be the marsh walk, the enhancement of the marsh and wetlands, and viewing of wildlife, as well as the access roads. Phase Ia. will include a 28,000 sq. ft. building that will house conservation and education exhibits. The Phase II building will include a gift shop, restaurant and banquet area. Successful fundraising will allow the development of the Phase III building, a master building housing all the exhibits, classrooms and much more, with an overall completed area of 125,000 sq. ft..

The permitting is in the entitlement process with the city of Fairfield, which is currently finishing the project's environmental review, the use permit and design review. This will allow the granting of the necessary permits to begin building. It's anticipated that the first phase could happen as early as this fall. At this time, we are preparing final architectural drawings and gathering construction estimates while meeting with affected agencies for final discussions.

In the interim, we are using an existing building at the site to provide a gathering place for planning and meetings, and you'll soon see signage there with project information.

We are fortunate that many of Ken's friends and associates have indicated a willingness to contribute to the Pacific Flyway Center. To facilitate this, we will soon be accepting donations to begin building the Center. We also believe that significant public funds may soon become available to help, including federal, state and agency grants. Additionally, the recent passage of Proposition 68 on the June 5th ballot will make matching funds available to help with the project. Further, the upcoming November statewide ballot conservation bond measure, with voter approval, also has the potential to provide millions of dollars in matching funds to help with the building of the Center. We worked with the framers of these ballot measures to ensure that new funds would be made available for nature education projects like the Pacific Flyway Center. Therefore, it is vital that we raise private matching funds to qualify for public funding.

How can you help? Vote for the conservation bond measure on the November ballot to help provide state funds for the Pacific Flyway Center. And, to keep Ken's vision vigorous, when we begin an initial capital campaign, consider a sponsorship to the Pacific Flyway Fund.

We will keep you posted periodically regarding our progress on the Pacific Flyway Center and our plans to honor Ken's legacy. With our commitment and your help, the Pacific Flyway Center will become a reality.

Thank you

The Pacific Flyway Fund Team

How can you help?

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Letter to Friends
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