Mission Statement

At the Pacific Flyway Center, we will connect people to nature and invite them to experience the wonders of the Pacific Flyway. We are dedicated to the education of youth in the natural world through wetland-related education and outdoor exploration. We will inspire and teach the benefits of land stewardship, natural resources and celebrate the support of hunters, birdwatchers, landowners and the general public in conservation. We will promote the needs of habitat, waterfowl, wildlife and people to preserve the native biodiversity of the Pacific Flyway.

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Why Create the Pacific Flyway Center?

Aerial Super Highway

The Pacific Flyway is one of four bird migration routes in North America. The Pacific Flyway Center will be front and center for this significant stopover on the north-south migration path for birds that stretches from Alaska to Patagonia. The Center will sit in the middle of this migratory corridor, allowing every visitor an opportunity to see a great number of waterfowl and shorebirds, as well as other wetland-dependent species. These aerial travelers will amaze you, whether they’re stopping over for the season or resting here for only a few days. 

Education And Stewardship 

Wetlands and grasslands will serve as the Center’s primary classroom, providing a vivid and engaging education environment that is home to hundreds of species of native plants and animals. The Education Center will complement the experience with interactive displays that highlight the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems. The Center will stand as an example of wildlife and wetland stewardship, preserving this ecological wonder for generations to come.