Teaching the Next Generation of Wildlife Advocates

Birds in a changing world need young minds with fresh ideas from all walks of life to learn, appreciate, and advocate for wildlife. To help, Bird Rescue is excited to launch a new education program that aims to connect students with the beauty around them in greater Solano County.

Introducing the Cordelia Slough Youth Education Program

The Cordelia Slough is part of the Pacific Flyway, a superhighway for migratory birds. The Pacific Flyway Fund awarded International Bird Rescue 40 acres of stunning riparian and marsh habitat to bring wildlife and environmental literacy to the next generation of advocates for nature.

Our Program

Students will be led on a Nature walk by an experienced International Bird Rescue docent to discuss and identify the ecosystems and biology surrounding the Cordelia Slough.

The nature walk will focus on the diversity of plants, invertebrates, and vertebrate species that contribute to the ecosystems surrounding the Cordelia Slough such as wetlands and riparian areas. At various stops, students will learn about a plant, insect, bird or mammal species that makes its home in these two habitats. In addition, we will share lessons around ecosystems, anatomy, invasive and introduced species, wildlife conservation and more!

We look forward to working with you and your classroom and hope that you will consider us for outdoor learning and educational opportunities in the upcoming school year.

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